Help with a Synthesis Essay

When asked to write a synthesis essay, think about doing a breakdown of a huge concept to make it simple for understanding. It is a type of assignment that requires you to do thorough research for great understanding. Your writing involves showing your understanding of huge concepts. This is achieved by writing down ideas or aspects that form it.  Therefore, your ability to deal with extensive research is vital for effective synthesis.

Writing a synthesis essay involves tackling a big idea using different sources. You should back up your points using these sources by way of summarizing them and picking points that shed more light to your chosen topic. The thesis statement of your topic should be drawn from various sources that will also be used in writing the body of the essay.

Getting Started with a Synthesis Essay

Preparation for essay writing is a prerequisite to success. Make sure that you have a thorough understanding of what you will be writing about. Here are important points to remember when writing a synthesis essay:

  • Choose your topic. The first thing to do is to identify an interesting topic to write about. It should be something that sparks interest and worth talking about. To arrive at your topic, make sure you take a closer look at various sources concerning your area of interest. Come up with several ideas before settling down on the final choice.
  • Write a thesis statement. Give direction to your essay from the beginning. Using the various sources, come up with a statement that informs your reader what you will be writing about. This will be the last sentence in your introductory paragraph. Therefore, it should be succinct and clear. It tells about the central argument of your essay.
  • Prepare an Outline. Itemize your essay first. Make sure you have a list of points to cover before starting the writing exercise. There will be a lot of things to talk about your topic. However, you should pick the strong ones, clearly demystifying everything about your essay topic.
  • Make your introduction interesting to read. Any essay introduction will either make your writing great or fail to appeal to your readers. The first words you write in your essay will go a long way to making your writing great and even help you write seamlessly.
  • Support your arguments with credible sources. Every point or opinion you present in your essay should be well-supported by facts and information drawn from reliable sources. Most importantly, the arguments should be coherent towards the achievement of your essay writing objectives. To build your essay, you need to write in a way where one point builds on the next one.

Final Thoughts

Your synthesis essay will be as strong as your ability to break down your topic into easily understandable points. For that reason, doing proper research is good for a thorough understanding. This will help you write your essay from a well-informed point of view. Always remember to make your topic interesting and appealing to your readers.