Main characteristics of the narrative essay format

Let us start by first understanding what this is all about. The narrative essay is writing something like a story. It has characters, a plot, conflict, conflict resolution, a beginning and the end. The stories that one can write can be either fictional, your personal experience or maybe a factual story. There is actually no difference between the structure of this essay and the others. What only differs is the content that you write. Here is a brief explanation of how your narrative essay format should be like.

  • The introduction
    Before you craft this part, you should be familiar with a format of a narrative essay. Boring stories can make one fall asleep and this is what you should try to avoid. In this part you can introduce the background scene and the main character. You should try to give answers to the following questions in your introduction. Where did the scene take place? Were you there? Who were you with and what were you going to do? You should use direct speech and make your story more interesting by using suspense. This will make the reader want to read your story so as to know what happened next.
  • It should have a body
    This consists of various paragraphs in which the story is developed in a systematic manner. You should be able to let each paragraph represent a different stage of your story. This will make it easier for the reader to understand your story. In this part, you should be able to avoid making grammatical mistakes as this may lead to penalization. Observe punctuation marks and vary your paragraphs so as to make your work look neat. Do not use too long paragraphs as this may bore the reader. Since this is a narrative essay paper, it is also used to test your vocabulary use. Try as much as possible to throw in some new words. You should however avoid the use of too big words. This may force the reader to go back to the dictionary and this may cost you lots of marks. Remember to use linking words such as moreover, to add on that, furthermore and however.
  • Conclusion
    This is the final part of your essay. You can end your essay by explaining the outcomes or making a brief comment on the story.
    To be on perfect side, simply ensure you adhere to the above.